Annual Report 2020/2021

  • August 17, 2021

Summary of Meetings: Family Law - Okanagan

Number of Meetings Held:3

October 20, 2020
Registration Count: 17
Guest Speaker: Jenny Balko, Tax Partner at Grant Thorton
Meeting Title/Topic: Tax Issues in Family Law
Synopsis: Jenny Balko, tax specialist from Grant Thornton, presented about tax issues to be aware of when advising clients on family law issues. Jenny provided us with some tips and point out common areas when mistakes can happen, issues to be aware of and take our questions.

December 08, 2020
Registration Count: 15
Guest Speaker: The Honourable Justice Dennis K. Hori
Meeting Title/Topic: Views from the Bench with the Honourable Justice Hori
Synopsis: Views from the bench, as the Supreme Court continues to navigate through a pandemic.

June 17, 2021
Registration Count: 150
Guest Speaker: Aaron Franks, Epstein Cole LLP Todd R. Bell, Schuman Basran Robin & Bell
Meeting Title/Topic: Annual Family Law Year In Review (2020-Now)
Synopsis: Aaron Franks and Todd R. Bell presented the latest installment of their venerable annual year (and a bit) in review - covering all the significant family case law updates from 2020 until now, from BC and beyond.