Annual Report 2021-2022

  • July 21, 2022

Summary of Meetings: Family Law - Vancouver

Number of Meetings Held:7

September 29, 2021
Registration Count: 104
Guest Speaker: John-Paul E. Boyd, QC, AOCA MA LLB
Meeting Title/Topic: Relocation under the (New) Divorce Act and caselaw update
Synopsis: Mr. Boyd spoke about the significant changes to the Divorce Act became effective in March 2021, featuring the relocation provisions of the new Divorce Act, and reviewed recent caselaw to help members to stay current on this important subject.

October 26, 2021
Registration Count: 32
Guest Speaker: Quinn Ross, CEO, The Ross Firm Professional Corporation
Meeting Title/Topic: Making Your Workplace Work: Accessible Tools to Increase Productivity, Wellness and Your Bottom Line
Synopsis: Speaker Quinn Ross joined the Section for a discussion on workplace innovation.

November 24, 2021
Registration Count: 58
Guest Speaker: Dr. Izabela Schultz – Registered Psychologist and Vocational Assessment Expert Dr. Colleen Que Newell – Registered Clinical Counselor and Vocational Assessment Expert Christiane Clark - Economist
Meeting Title/Topic: Earning Capacity Assessment
Synopsis: Discussed spousal earning capacity assessments and reporting imputed income

February 11, 2022
Registration Count: 42
Guest Speaker: Colin Galinksi, Galinski Law
Meeting Title/Topic: Pension Division Bear Pit: Ask the Expert Your Tough Questions
Synopsis: Paticipants were asked to bring questions from files, or anything else they have always wondered about. Joint meeting with Family Law - Fraser Valley

March 03, 2022
Registration Count: 57
Guest Speaker: Various
Meeting Title/Topic: Family Law Conference 2022
Synopsis: Two days of sessions (8 hour CPD), with topics spanning from a family law year in review, containing conflicts, excluded property, provincial court rules, income assessments and ethical considerations.

April 05, 2022
Registration Count: 44
Guest Speaker: Colleen Cattell Q.C., Chartered Mediator of the ADR Institute of Canada Carol Hickman Q.C., Mediator, Arbitrator, Parenting Coordinator and Collaborative Law Professional Stephen McPhee Q.C., Family Mediator and Arbitrator, Family Law and Civil Law Practi
Meeting Title/Topic: Learn about MED-ARB
Synopsis: Presented on MED-ARB, a valuable dispute resolution process. Joint meeting with ADR - Vancouver

April 26, 2022
Registration Count: 80
Guest Speaker: Justice Briana Hardwick, Supreme Court of British Columbia Lisa Hamilton QC, President of the Law Society of British Columbia and Founder of Hamilton Fabbro Amanda Winters, Farris LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Entitlement to Spousal Support
Synopsis: Panel discussed a review of recent cases considering "entitlement to spousal support"