National Section Meeting Report 2015/2016

  • October 20, 2015


National Privacy and Access Law Section


October 1, 2015


Fairmont Ch√Ęteau Laurier (Adam Room)

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BC Branch Representative: Maria Kim


1) Legislation & Law Reform

  • The function of the national office is to monitors bills, regulations, and changes generally and get the important issues out to sections so they can decide what to do
  • Current hot topics: immigration, biometrics/privacy, Bill C-51

2) Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada - Daniel Therrien

  • OPC strategic priorities for the coming year:
    • Economics (monetization) of personal information (big data, “internet of things”, mobile empowerment)
      • self-regulation
      • greater accountability
      • enhanced regulation
      • educational opportunities
      • the role of legislations
    • Government surveillance
      • Bill C-51: OPC will review how it is being implemented
    • Reputation & privacy (reputational harm)
      • Permanence of personal information on the internet
    • Biometrics
      • Planning to test some mobile apps
  • Strategies:
    • Encourage proactive compliance
    • Innovative technologies to protect privacy
    • Public education and research
    • Protection of vulnerable groups
  • OPC will issue a discussion paper (2016) outlining various challenges, potential solutions regarding the above topics

3) Professional Development

  • 2014 Privacy Symposium: great feedback from participants
  • 2015 Privacy Symposium: 83 attendees
  • Looking for more ideas to engage membership; planning outreach activities

4) Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada - Suzanne Legault

  • How the OIC and CBA can collaborate on access to information-related issue
  • Case: Alberta court of appeal decision regarding solicitor-client privilege
  • Long-gun registry: constitutional challenge of Bill C-59