Annual Report 2022-2023

  • July 12, 2023

Summary of Meetings: Human Rights Law

Number of Meetings Held:4

March 7, 2023
Registration Count: Remote: 69 | In-person: 17
Guest Speakers: Amber Prince and Devyn Cousineau
Meeting Title/Topic: Expanding Our Vision in Action: Indigenous Peoples' human rights and cultural equality at the Human Rights Tribunal
Synopsis: Amber Prince and Devyn Cousineau highlighted the work of the Tribunal’s Expanding Our Vision Implementation Committee to fulfill the recommendations of now-Justice Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem in her seminal report.

April 13, 2023
Registration Count: 62
Guest Speakers: BC Human Rights Commissioner, Kasari Govender and Carly Hyman
Meeting Title/Topic: Report from the Human Rights Commissioner of BC on the Inquiry Into Hate
Synopsis: Kasari Govender, BC's Human Rights Commissioner, and Carly Hyman, acting general counsel, spoke about the report initiated by the inquiry into the rise of hate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 9, 2023
Registration Count: Remote: 87 | In-Person: 21
Guest Speakers: Katherine Hardie, Heather Hoiness, Brandon Hillis, and Jaime Hoopes
Meeting Title/Topic: Family Status in the Wake of Gibraltar: A Panel Discussion
Synopsis: Katherine Hardie, Heather Hoiness, Brandon Hillis and Jaime Hoopes discussed family status discrimination in light of the latest decision from the BC Court of Appeal.

June 28, 2023
Registration Count: Remote: 85 | In-person: 10
Guest Speakers: Emily Ohler
Meeting Title/Topic: Update From the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
Synopsis: Emily Ohler, Chair of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, updated attendees on the latest processes and developments at the Tribunal.