Annual Report 2017/2018

  • July 05, 2018

Submitted by Section Chair, Kora Paciorek

Summary of Meetings: Insurance Law

Number of Meetings Held: 5

June, 28, 2018
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Insurance Lawyer of the Year Award and Annual General Meeting
Synopsis: The Insurance Law Section of the CBABC is honored the contributions Neo J. Tuytel has made to insurance law by presenting him with the Insurance Lawyer of the Year Award.

May, 02, 2018
Guest Speaker: Jonathan Hodes - Miller Thomson
Meeting Title/Topic: Introduction to Products Liability
Synopsis: Jonathan Hodes delivered a presentation on defending products liability cases in British Columbia, discussing basic principles and legal considerations.

March, 19, 2018
Guest Speaker: Julie Lamb, Professor, UBC & Litigator, Guild Yule LLP, Daniel Reid, Associate, Harper Grey LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Introduction to Cyber-Liability Insurance
Synopsis: Julie Lamb and Daniel Reid delivered an introduction to Cyber-Liability Insurance.

November, 28, 2017
Guest Speaker: Sanja Kraljevic - Whitelaw Twining
Meeting Title/Topic: Subrogation: Basic Principles, Emerging Trends, & Practical Considerations
Synopsis: Sanja Kraljevic presented on the practice of subrogation, how the practice has developed with changing client expectations, legal considerations, barriers to subrogation, as well as managing insurers and insureds as clients.

October, 19, 2017
Guest Speaker: Dairn Shane - Preszler Law Firm
Meeting Title/Topic: Saadati v. Moorhead: Evidentiary Issues for Mental Health Injuries
Synopsis: Saadati v. Moorhead is the latest Supreme Court of Canada decision addressing claims of personal injury of a psychological / mental nature. Dairn Shane, counsel for the appellant (plaintiff), discussedthe standard for compensable psychiatric injuries and the evidentiary landscape for these types of claims.

Comments and Observations of the Chair

At the June 23 Provincial Council meeting of the CBA British Columbia, a resolution was passed to merge the Insurance Law section with the Products Liability section. The merged section will still be called the Insurance Law section. All members of the Products Liability Law section will be auto-enrolled into the Insurance law section for the upcoming 2018-2019 term starting September 1.