Section Affiliate

Section Affiliate Program

Not a lawyer but still interested in Alternate Dispute Resolution?

The CBABC’s Section Affiliate program gives you access to meetings, minutes, and materials. Section Affiliate enrollment is only available to professionals who are non-lawyers. 

Terms of An Affiliate Enrollment

  1. An individual currently interested in the area of law that the Section represents, who is not otherwise eligible for membership in the CBABC, but who meets all criteria that the Executive establishes for Affiliate status, may be an affiliate.
  2. To be eligible for Section Affiliate status in an Alternate Dispute Resolution Section, an individual must be at least one of the following:
    1. a mediator;
    2. an arbitrator;
    3. Parent Coordinators
    4. a member of a collaborative practice group, (eg. Collaborative Family Separation Professionals, Collaborative Divorce Vancouver, Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group); or
    5. a professional providing alternative dispute resolution services other than those in (a) – (c) who makes a special request to the Executive Committee and who is approved for Section Affiliate status.
  3. Affiliates shall have the right to attend meetings and participate in the activities of the Section and shall have a deliberative voice in the activities of the Section. Affiliates may attend regular programs of the Provincial Sections at the CBABC Member rate for these programs.
  4. An Affiliate shall not have the right to take advantage of any special benefit programs or preferred rates made available to CBABC Members, and shall not have the right to vote, hold office, or propose or second resolutions in the Section.
  5. An existing Affiliate must pay the prescribed fees on or before the renewal due date for enrollment; otherwise, the Affiliate ceases to be an Affiliate.
  6. The Section Executive may invite an Affiliate to take part in the affairs of the Executive in an advisory capacity only provided that the number of Affiliates is no more than 20% of the number of Executive Members.