Annual Report 2010/2011

  • July 07, 2011

Summary of Activities

Number of Meetings Held: 4 and Annual Dinner

December 3, 2010
Guest Speakers: Mr. Peter Gall, QC, Mr. Don Munroe, QC, Mr. Geoff Plant, QC, Lindsay Lyster, Marjorie Brown and Charles Gordon
Synopsis: Discussion of the proposed 'Workplace Tribunal'

March 17, 2011
Guest Speakers: Mr. Colin Taylor, QC, Mr. Allen E. Black, QC, and Kim Thorne
Synopsis: Discussion of ethical issues arising in negotiations

April 18, 2011
Guest Speakers: Brent Mullin, Mike Fleming, Allison Matacheskie and Debbie Cameron
Synopsis: Update of activities and cases from the Labour Relations Board

April 21, 2011
Guest Speaker: Sheila Tucker
Synopsis: Discussion of conducting research in the labour context

May 26, 2011
Guest Speakers: Mr. Tom Roper, QC, Mr. John Rogers, QC, Mr. Alan Hamilton, QC, Mr. Allan Hope, QC, and Rod Germaine
Synopsis: Labour Law Section Annual Dinner and Tribute to Mr. Allan Hope, QC.