Annual Report 2022-2023

  • June 28, 2023

Summary of Meetings: Labour Law

Number of Meetings Held:5

November 23, 2022
Registration Count: 72
Guest Speakers: Gavin Hume, Jitesh Mistry, and E. Murphy Fries
Meeting Title/Topic: Ethical Issues in the Practice of Labour Law
Synopsis: Topics included client identification and conflict issues, respectful communication and obligations towards opposing counsel, and ethical issues arising from witness preparation and the calling of evidence.

December 7, 2022
Registration Count: 53
Guest Speakers: Arbitrator Corinn Bell, K.C.
Meeting Title/Topic: Fireside Chat with Arbitrator Bell, K.C.
Synopsis: Arbitrator Bell, K.C. shared with us her ethical and professional words of wisdom and her personal and practice advice from her many years of experience in the labour bar. A Q&A session followed the presentation.

March 8, 2023
Registration Count: 65
Guest Speakers: Julie Menten, Reut Amit, and Hasan Alam
Meeting Title/Topic: Trauma-Informed Labour Law Practice
Synopsis: Julie Menten, Partner, Roper Greyell LLP, Reut Amit, Lawyer and Investigator, Southern Butler Price LLP and Hasan Alam, Lawer, BCGEU discussed trauma-informed practice and how it applies to investigations, hearings, and case preparations.

April 26, 2023
Registration Count: 78
Guest Speakers: Sara Hanson and Brandon Hillis
Meeting Title/Topic: Grievance Arbitrations and Parallel Proceedings
Synopsis: Sara Hanson and Brandon Hillis discussed tips, tricks, and best practices for advising clients when grievance gives rise to a parallel proceeding, such as a human rights complaint, a criminal proceeding, a professional regulatory complaint, or WorkSafeBC matters.

May 29, 2023
Registration Count Online: 65 In-Person: 25
Guest Speakers: Trevor Hughes, Jennifer Glougie, and other members of the Labour Law Board
Meeting Title/Topic: Annual Labour Law Bear Pit
Synopsis: Trevor Hughes, Deputy Minister, and Jennifer Glougie, Chair of the Labour Board addressed the latest updates in labour news followed by a traditional "Bear Pit" format encouraging questions from participants.