Pandemics and the Workplace - A Resource for Lawyers

  • December 15, 2014

The CBA’s National Labour and Employment Law Section has created a pandemic preparedness resource guide* to address the key questions for employers, unions and employees.

This resource material has been assembled to help lawyers prepare their clients for a pandemic and advise them during a pandemic. It can also be used by lawyers to assess the effect a pandemic could have on their own workplace. This resource looks at how the law might come into play when a contagious disease begins to spread through a community, and then when a pandemic occurs. It covers such things as pandemic plans, vaccination requirements, work refusals, forced absences, compassionate care leave and doctor’s notes.

*Exclusive to CBA members.

The Pandemics e-resource guide (complimentary to CBA members).

A “Pandemic Preparedness” CBA National webinar was held on December 3, 2014.  It is now archived and available online.

"Pandemic Preparedness" archived webinar:
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