Violence against family law lawyers

  • July 14, 2015

Dear Family Law Section colleagues,

It has been a tough few weeks for family lawyers. We recently watched in horror as one of our own was seriously injured by someone who, apparently, held a grudge against her as a result of her work as a family law lawyer.

We have reached out to Maria Mitousis and our colleagues in Winnipeg who are extending support to her. On your behalf, the Section has sent her a card to let her know that she has our thoughts and best wishes.

I invite you as Family Law Section colleagues to support her if you so choose, through her Gofundme page. She will have a long road to recovery and like many of us, will be challenged by a long period of being unable to work.

At the same time as we extend support and wishes to Maria, we are reminded that we deal with people who may be in a very low point in their lives and people who struggle with mental illness. We won’t be paranoid, but we will be practical and vigilant.

Please read this note from our President, Michele Hollins, Q.C., echoing the CBA’s concerns as a whole. You may also want to read the OBA’s Personal Security Handbook and the CBA Alberta Branch’s more recent Personal Safety Handbook.

Would you kindly share this information in your firms and with your colleagues, so they are aware of our steps and the opportunity to support Maria, but also so they may have access to the resource material to audit their safety in their own practices.

Be safe everyone and let’s hope that this situation is never repeated. I hope to see many of you in Calgary this summer at the CLC.

Patricia H├ębert
Chair, CBA Family Law Section

Note: These resources are also listed on the Personal Security Resources page.