Annual Report 2022-2023

  • July 24, 2023

Summary of Meetings: Public Sector Lawyers

Number of Meetings Held:2

October 19, 2022
Registration Count: 12
Guest Speakers: Karen Truscott, Kevin Marks, and Micah Weintraub
Meeting Title/Topic: Annual Labour Update
Synopsis: The Public Sector Lawyers Section hosted an annual discussion of employment issues for public sector lawyers. Our speakers described labour developments over the past year and discuss return to workplace issues related to COVID-19.

December 7, 2022
Registration Count: 15
Guest Speakers: Micah Weintraub and Emily Lapper
Meeting Title/Topic: Year End Review and Social
Synopsis: Micah Weintraub and Emily Lapper from the BC Ministry of Attorney General lead a discussion on a selection of the top public law cases decided since 2020 and how they might impact your practice.