Annual Report 2013/2014

  • July 19, 2014

Real Property - Vancouver
Submitted by Section Treasurer, Mario Rubio

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 6

September 10, 2013
Guest Speakers: Shauna Towriss and James Speakman
Meeting Title/Topic: Real Estate Syndicates

October 22, 2013
Guest Speaker: Stacey Handley, McMillan LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Tenant's Form of Leases - Beware what is there, and what is not

November 28, 2013
Guest Speakers: Ariel DeJong, McCarthy Tetrault LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Insurance Issues for Real Estate Practitioners

January 28, 2014
Guest Speaker: Larry Blaschuk, Registrar of Land Titles, Land Title & Survey Authority of BC
Meeting Title/Topic: Common LTO Defects/Typical Errors that Land Title Examiners Experience

April 10, 2014
Guest Speaker: Eric Haslett, First Canadian Title
Meeting Title/Topic: General Operation of Title Insurance

May 26, 2014
Guest Speaker: Paul Brackstone, Owen Bird Law Corporation
Meeting Title/Topic: Discussing the decision of Woo v. Onni Ioco Road Five Development Limited Partnership

Report or Resolutions prepared by the Section

On March 20, 2014, we circulated the Superintendent of Real Estates' proposed revisions to Policy Statement 1 and Policy Statement 5 of the Real Estate Development Marketing Act and asked Section members for their comments. The comments that were received were compiled and delivered to the Superintendent of Real Estate.

Comments and Observations of the Chair

The Real Property - Vancouver Section adds great value to the community of real estate practitioners in the City, especially for young lawyers. I enjoyed acting as the Chair for this Section, as it allowed me to be involved in the process of deciding which topics the real estate community might want to hear about.