Annual Report 2020/2021

  • August 17, 2021

Summary of Meetings: Real Property - Vancouver

Number of Meetings Held:5

October 08, 2020
Registration Count: 117
Guest Speaker: Janet L. Derbawka, McMillan LLP Matthew Singerman, Clark Wilson LLP Lisa Niro, Bell Alliance LLP Brett Horton, Stewart Title
Meeting Title/Topic: Impact of the Pandemic on Real Estate Contract Drafting
Synopsis: The panel discussed new considerations for leases and contracts of purchase & sale in the face of ongoing impact and uncertainty of COVID-19.

December 15, 2020
Registration Count: 120
Guest Speaker: Anna Sekunova and Rosalie Clark, Clark Wilson LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: CPLs, Specific Performance & Related Remedies
Synopsis: In the Real Property - Vancouver Section we welcomed Anna Sekunova and Rosalie Clark from Clark Wilson LLP as they discussd CPLs (Certificates of Pending Litigation), specific performance & related remedies. They also discussed the various ways of clearing titles to the properties, and provided a case law update.

January 12, 2021
Registration Count: 76
Guest Speaker: Michael Drouillard, Harper Grey LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Manufactured Housing Law in British Columbia
Synopsis: Michael Drouillard from Harper Grey LLP provided an overview of how manufactured home ownership and tenancies are governed in British Columbia, including information for solicitors acting for clients purchasing manufactured home parks.

February 09, 2021
Registration Count: 105
Guest Speaker: Kellie Fong, Economist with the BC Real Estate Association
Meeting Title/Topic: BC Real Estate Market Update
Synopsis: Kellie Fong, Economist with the BC Real Estate Association, provided her insight on the BC economy with a focus on residential real estate.

April 13, 2021
Registration Count: 164
Guest Speaker: Kathleen T. Higgins, Young Anderson
Meeting Title/Topic: Real Estate Development - Local Government Development Approvals
Synopsis: Kathleen T. Higgins provided a primer on the different kinds of approval that local governments grant. Current legislation and relevant case law were covered.