Thank you for your interest in CBA Sections and Forums. Non-CBA members are allowed to attend a maximum of three (3) meetings of any one or more Sections by way of Privilege Pass within any two year period, (Sept 1-Aug 31).

This privilege is intended to give you an opportunity to “try-out” a Section or Sections before deciding whether to join the CBA.

Please read the terms & conditions below thoroughly before submitting this Privilege Pass.


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Using the fields below, indicate which Section is hosting the meeting of your choice, and the date on which this meeting is occurring.

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Currently all Section Meeting Webinars are being offered at no cost and Remote only.




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The CBABC aspires to help you stay informed about the Canadian legal profession, and participate in matters affecting you and your career. We occasionally send electronic communications with this in mind, including: advocacy work, professional development opportunities, research initiatives and membership information. If you do not provide consent, we may continue to provide communication as required or permitted by law.

Terms and Conditions*
  1. As a Non-CBA Member, I may use up to three (3) Non-Member Privilege Passes within two Section terms (Sep - Aug).
  2. After the use of three (3) Privilege Passes in the span of two terms, I will be barred from attending Section meetings as a non-member.
  3. Meeting Meal Cost fees are not waived by the use of this Privilege Pass; I am responsible for the full meal cost of a meeting/event (if applicable).
  4. I will call in or fax in my payment details if payment for a meal is required (registration will not be processed otherwise).
  5. If a cancellation request is not received within 4 business days prior to meeting/event date, I will be responsible for full payment (if applicable).
  6. One Privilege Pass form admits my attendance to one (1) Section Meeting/Event.
  7. Privilege Passes are not applicable for any CBABC Professional Development Course or Event.
  8. In the case of limited venue capacity or active waitlists, CBABC Members will be given priority registration.