Annual Report 2011/2012

  • July 04, 2012

Submitted by Jeff Glasner, Secretary

Summary of Activities

Number of Meetings Held: 7

February 16, 2011
Guest Speaker: Max Weder
Selected Issues Regarding the Collection of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Debts

April 20, 2011
Guest Speaker: Rosemarie Wertschek
Issues surrounding privilege 

May 25, 2011
Guest Speakers: Gordon Funt, Joel Nitikman & Lori Mathison
Recent Tax Cases of Interest

September 21, 2011
Opportunity for membership to provide input for "Irritants Committee" meeting

November 16, 2011
Guest Speaker: Jim Thatcher (Canada Revenue Agency)
Presentation by a Representative from Canada Revenue Agency's Aggressive Tax Planning Division

November 23, 2011
Guest Speakers: Jeff Glasner, Bill Maclagan
Recent Tax Issues with Aboriginal Investment Income "On Reserve": The Supreme Court of Canada's Decisions in Bastien Estate v. Canada 2011 BCSC 38 and Dube v. Canada 2011 SCC 39

April 19, 2012
Guest Speaker: The Honourable Justice Campbell Miller, Tax Court of Canada
Seminar on Tax Treaties

Comments and Observations of the Chair

The Tax Section adopted a new format this year. We had found that meeting attendance was dropping due both to the demographics of the Section members and to the wide array of alternative forms of continuing legal education available. We decided that it would be better if, rather than 8 or 9 monthly meetings, we held a smaller number of meetings but focused on more meaningful topics. This approach appears to have worked. Attendance at the meetings that we held appeared to be at least double our regular attendance in previous years. Our intention is to continue with this approach in the coming year.