Unbundled Legal Services New Website

  • April 02, 2019

Unbundled legal services can be a very helpful approach for many people who are experiencing legal problems.  However, unbundling won’t help unless people know about it!  We are very excited to announce a new public-facing website dedicated to raising public awareness of unbundling in BC:  www.unbundlinglaw.ca.

This new site was skillfully designed by People’s Law School with generous funding from the Law Foundation of BC.

It offers great information for your clients that is available for you to use, link to or even embed on your own website.  Take a look at the animated video on the home page – its great!

PLS also created a brochure about unbundling which you can make available in your office or on your own website.

Finally, the Legal Services Society created a lovely infographic about unbundling and it is available on the new website as well.

Both the brochure and infographic can be ordered for free from the Crown Publications Victoria Warehouse Distribution facility.  Put “unbundled” in the “search for products” box.

Our sincere thanks to Patricia Byrne and her team for developing this important resource.

Please let us know your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Kari D. Boyle on behalf of the Unbundled Legal Services Section executive