Annual Report 2022-2023

  • June 22, 2023

Summary of Meetings: Wills & Trusts - Vancouver

Number of Meetings Held:7

October 18, 2022
Registration Count: 180
Guest Speakers: Alexander Demner, Zheting Su, and Brooke Fernandes
Meeting Title/Topic: General Comment on Real Property and Trusts
Synopsis: Discussion of LOTA, Underused Housing Act, Bare Trusts. Case comment be Brooke Fernandes (2022 BCSC 1283).

November 15, 2022
Registration Count: 103
Guest Speakers: Megan Swail and Nazanin Khodarahmi
Meeting Title/Topic: Lawyers Indemnity Fund: Information about the LIF program, and Errors and Tips to Avoid Them for Wills & Estates Solicitors and Litigators
Synopsis: Megan Swail, Claims Counsel, of the Lawyers Insurance Fund discussed errors affecting both solicitors and litigators in wills and estates that lead to insurance claims, and recommendations of how to avoid them.

January 17, 2023
Registration Count Online: 82 In-Person: 27
Guest Speakers: Roger Lee, Mark Weintraub, Tara Britnell, and Doe Kyung Lee
Meeting Title/Topic: Litigating the Complex Estate
Synopsis: Roger Lee of DLA Piper, Mark Weintraub, KC of Clark Wilson LLP and Tara Britnell, KC of Hamilton Duncan discussed their respective experiences in litigating complex estates. Doe Kyung Lee of Fasken will provided a case comment.

February 21, 2023
Registration Count Online: 102 In-Person: 8
Guest Speakers: Adam Van Noort and Richard Weiland
Meeting Title/Topic: Canada’s Trust Information Reporting Regime: Are You Ready?
Synopsis: Adam Van Noort, Associate, McQuarrie Legal Services, and Richard Weiland, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP, discussed how to prepare for the upcoming enhanced tax reporting obligations for trusts and a case comment on De Angelis v. Siermy 2022 BCCA 401.

April 18, 2023
Registration Count: 164
Guest Speakers: Tyler Nyvall and Jasmine Ng
Meeting Title/Topic: Double Feature: Demystifying E-Wills & Notes from the Probate Registry
Synopsis: Tyler Nyvall, Legal Counsel at the Policy and Legislation Division, shared his extensive knowledge on the area of electronic wills, to demystify them and convince us they are not to be feared. Jasmine Ng, Deputy District Registrar, presented mutually beneficial notes from the probate registry on the common issues currently plaguing grant applications.

April 20, 2023
Registration Count: 69
Guest Speakers: Daniel Boisvert and Clare Jennings
Meeting Title/Topic: Notaries Drafting Trust and Probate Applications - a good idea or not?
Synopsis: Daniel Boisvert discussed how Notaries plan to expand their scope of practice to include the preparation of testamentary trusts and probate applications. Clare Jennings provided an overview on existing submissions and facilitate the discussion.

June 20, 2023
Registration Count Online: 137 In-Person: 17
Guest Speakers: Nikki L. Charlton, Todd R. Bell, and Jillana Schmidt-Kim
Meeting Title/Topic: The Intersection of Family Law and Estates
Synopsis: Nikki Charlton and Todd Bell, family law counsel of Farris LLP, discussed real issues affecting estate lawyers at the intersection with family law. Jillana Schmidt-Kim, Associate, of DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, shared a case comment on Rawlins v. Rawlins, 2023 BCSC 446.