Annual Report 2020/2021

  • August 17, 2021

Summary of Meetings: Wills & Trusts - Victoria

Number of Meetings Held:4

November 17, 2020
Registration Count: 39
Guest Speaker: Derrold Norgaard, Partner at NKPG Services Ltd.
Meeting Title/Topic: The Pro's and Con's of Setting up a Family Trust - New Thinking
Synopsis: Derrold Norgaard, CPA, FCPA, hosted an educational segment on how Accounting and Financial Advising can aid in your navigation when setting up a Family Trust. For most of his career, Derrold was a Tax Partner with KPMG before setting up his own wealth management and tax firm, NKPG Services Ltd. This seminar focussed on the accounting and financial advisory technicalities behind properly setting up and managing family trusts, which can get convoluted when proper financial planning is not implemented. Derrold guided everyone through new thinking surrounding taxation, beneficiaries, transfer of wealth and the protection of assets upon setting up a family trust and how you can make the most educated decisions about your family assets and investments.

April 07, 2021
Registration Count: 114
Guest Speaker: Connie Jorsvik, Patient Pathways
Meeting Title/Topic: Advance Care Planning and the Health Care System
Synopsis: Connie Jorsvik, owner of Patient Pathways, presented on the advance care planning (ACP), specifically, the overlap between incapacity planning law and the health care system.

May 06, 2021
Registration Count: 132
Guest Speaker: Brooke Fernandes, BKS Law Corporation
Meeting Title/Topic: An Introduction to Digital Assets for Estate Planners
Synopsis: Brooke Fernandes of BKS Law Corporaton presented on the topic of Estate Planning issues involved with Digital Assets (such as online accounts, email, video streaming services, cloud storage etc.) in the event of incapacity or death.

June 29, 2021
Registration Count: 44
Guest Speaker: Derek LaCroix, Executive Director, Lawyers Assistance Program of British Columbia
Meeting Title/Topic: Building a Well-Being Practice
Synopsis: Well-being is defined as being in the continuous process of moving toward thriving in all aspects of your being/life. Derek LaCroix lead some self-reflective exercises and some interactive experiences.