Annual Report 2014/2015

  • July 23, 2015

Submitted by Section Co-Chair, Samantha de Wit

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 6

September 9, 2014
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Ovarian Cancer Walk
Synopsis: Members participated in the Ovarian Cancer Walk on Sunday, September 9, 2014

October 22, 2014
Guest Speakers: Mary Mouat, Q.C.,Quadra Legal Centre, Fiona McQueen, Turnham Woodland, Marge Thompson, Thompson Family Law, Liane O'Grady, Crown Counsel-Victoria
Meeting Title/Topic: Hot Tips from Hot Mentors - Effective Mediation and Negotiation Strategies

December 4, 2014
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Holiday Potluck

February 10, 2015
Guest Speakers: Master Carolyn P. Bouck, The Honourable Judge Susan E. Wishart
Meeting Title/Topic: Women Judge's Dinner

March 12, 2015
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Wine & Cheese Networking Event

June 2, 2015
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Annual General Meeting and Elections with social component

Comments and Observations of the Co-Chair

The WLF-Vancouver Island hosted a few events that supported the networking and connecting between junior and senior female counsel on Vancouver Island, which is of significant value to junior counselling who are trying to find their way around the practice of law.

The Judges dinner was a wonderful event in that it provided female counsel with some impute from female judiciary in Victoria, including the opportunity to get to know the judiciary in an out-of-court venue, so as to find out more about the road to joining the judiciary.

Participated in the Ovarian Cancer Walk with the WLF - Vancouver Section.