Annual Report 2021-2022

  • July 21, 2022

Summary of Meetings: Women Lawyers Forum - Vancouver Island

Number of Meetings Held:5

September 16, 2021
Meeting Title/Topic: Monthly Social Night
Synopsis: Social hosted at the Smiths Pub. 7 gatherings were held between Sept 2021 & Jun 2022 on the third Thursday of every month

December 01, 2021
Registration Count: 21
Guest Speaker: Jenn Cusick, Luminate Wellness ; Monique Dull, Ministry of Attorney General
Meeting Title/Topic: Wellness with WRAP: at work and at home
Synopsis: Learn about a longstanding mental health tool: the WRAP or Wellness Recovery Action Plan. WRAP is an evidenced-based, facilitated group learning process that helps participants create their own wellness plans.

December 02, 2021
Meeting Title/Topic: Social Night (Nanaimo)
Synopsis: In-person social hosted at Grand Cru Restaurant

February 03, 2022
Registration Count: 26
Guest Speaker: Lindsay Leblanc, Mary Mouat, QC, and Sarah Klinger
Meeting Title/Topic: Billing: best practices, options, ethics and gender dynamics
Synopsis: Tips and best practices, Law Society rules/ethical guidelines, and different billing options, together with some of the gendered aspects that impact conscious and unconscious billing practices.

March 04, 2022
Registration Count: 7
Meeting Title/Topic: Annual Ski Weekend
Synopsis: Hosted at Mt. Washington Resort.