Annual Report 2022/2023

  • June 27, 2023

Summary of Meetings: Young Lawyers - Lower Mainland

Number of Meetings Held:8

October 6, 2022
Registration Count: 17
Guest Speaker:
Meeting Title/Topic: Social in the Park & Yoga Event
Synopsis: Section Social at Harbour Green Park with the option for refreshments followed by a short walk to Vancouver Corporate Yoga for an hour-long class.

January 18, 2023
Registration Count: 124
Guest Speaker: Karen Sill, Manager, Financial Planning at Lawyers Financial
Meeting Title/Topic: Be Ready - Financial Planning for Lawyers
Synopsis: Discussed some of the biggest financial questions, demonstrated a customized cash flow worksheet, and presented first steps of developing a financial plan.

February 22, 2023
Registration Count: 23
Guest Speaker:
Meeting Title/Topic: Young Lawyers - Lower Mainland & Chartered Business Valuators Joint Social
Synopsis: Kick off event for the 2023 year. Hosted in partnership with the Chartered Business Valuators

April 20, 2023
Registration Count: 79
Guest Speaker: Roshni Veerapen, Harper Grey Richard Sehmer, Murphy and Company Allison Wolf, Shift Works
Meeting Title/Topic: Business Development Advice for Young Lawyers
Synopsis: A discussion on business development. The event was facilitated by Allison Wolf, joined by lawyers Roshni Veerapen of Harper Grey, and Richard Sehmer of Murphy and Company.

June 2, 2023
Registration Count: 11
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: New West Spring Social
Synopsis: Networking opportunity at this fun and low-key outdoor meet-up at the off-Leash Dog Area at Queen’s Park in New Westminster

June 13, 2023
Registration Count: 151
Guest Speaker: Karissa Kelln, Harper Grey LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Tips and Tricks on Contract Drafting
Synopsis: Discussed tips and tricks for successful contract drafting and important contract drafting essentials that can apply throughout an entire practice.

June 26, 2023
Registration Count: 39
Guest Speaker: Master Bilawich, Master Hughes, and Master Vos
Meeting Title/Topic: Master Shadowing (Vancouver)
Synopsis: Attendees were invited to an informal dinner with Master Bilawich, Master Vos, and Master Hughes of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to review matters going forward the following day. During the shadow day, attendees learned the do's and don'ts of attending Chambers. This was opportunity to expand the tools in their toolkit, and develop litigation skills for future applications. The Masters will lead a debrief at the end of the day, giving attendees the space to ask their questions and gain deeper understanding of decisions made throughout the session.

June 27, 2023
Registration Count: 15
Guest Speaker:
Meeting Title/Topic: Happy Hour at Haraheri - Joint Networking Social
Synopsis: A night of delicious food and networking with industry experts. This meeting was hosted by the Young Lawyers - Lower Mainland, Business Law, CFA Society of Vancouver & Chartered Business Valuators Institute.