Annual Report 2016/2017

  • August 16, 2017

Submitted by Section Chair, Elise V. Everest

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held:9

September 28, 2016
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Fall Social
Synopsis: Section mingler to kick-off the 2016/17 year.

October 27, 2016
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Round Table Meeting
Synopsis: A round table discussion on Residential Tenancy Act applications to junior solicitor and litigator practice areas. The group discussed the steps and timeline of a residential tenancy dispute, residential tenancy disputes in the context of purchases and sales of real estate, jurisdiction issues, and resources available to lawyers, landlords and tenants.

November 9, 2016
Guest Speakers: Chris Hart and Leah Volkers
Meeting Title/Topic: Abuse of Process: Inconsistent Positions in Prior Proceedings
Synopsis: British Columbia courts have recently recognized that inconsistent positions in prior proceedings can constitute an abuse of process. The decisions of First Majestic Silver Corp. v. Davila Santos, 2012 BCCA 5 and Glover v. Leakey, 2016 BCSC 1624 were discussed.

December 6, 2016
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Ugly Sweater Social
Synopsis: Section members were invited to wear a Ho-ho-horrible holiday sweater and clink glasses of Christmas cheer.

January 18, 2017
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: January Social - Tree Brewing Beer Institute & Kelowna Rockets Game
Synopsis: The section went ale out for a beer tasting and attended an ice hockey match.

February 4-5, 2017
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Big White Ski Trip
Synopsis: The section travelled to the Big White Ski Resort, and it all went downhill from there.

April 11, 2017
Guest Speaker: Grant Hardwick, Associate Counsel, Rush Ihas Hardwick
Meeting Title/Topic: An Interactive Discussion of Common Ethical Dilemmas
Synopsis: The group examined case studies regarding common ethical problems facing young lawyers and discussed how to manage ethical issues.

May 2-3, 2017
Guest Speaker: Master Steven Wilson, Supreme Court of British Columbia
Meeting Title/Topic: Master Shadow
Synopsis: The group met with Master Steven Wilson to review matters on the Chambers list and to ask questions regarding Chambers practice, and then the group attended Chambers to watch the applications previously discussed.

June 3, 2017
Guest Speaker: N/A
Meeting Title/Topic: Wine Tour
Synopsis: The group attended wine tastings at local Okanagan wineries. Wines to drink were determined on a case by case basis.

Comments and Observations of the Chair

This year the section focused on social activities and organizing events that highlight the lifestyle of the Okanagan. There were a large number of articling students and newly-called lawyers in the community this year, and the emphasis was on building camaraderie and collegiality. One of the highlights for the group was the Master Shadow with Master Steven Wilson. The section contacts the bench to organize either a "Views from the Bench" or a "Master Shadow" on a yearly basis. The Master Shadow allowed the group to ask questions of Master Wilson and then observe other lawyers in the community in Chambers. Master Wilson talked about what makes effective written and oral submissions. He offered the group a practical approach to Chambers applications. Feedback from the group suggested that after attending the session, they were more comfortable in Chambers.