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Employment & Labour Law

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Learn about the age-old “just cause, or just ‘cause’” question: what can employers do to protect themselves from wrongful dismissal suits; what makes someone an employee, dependent contractor, or independent contractor; conduct surrounding disabled employees; and how to conduct a proper workplace investigation. What can, could, and should an employer do when an employee leaves for a competitor? Learn about harassment and bullying in the workplace, its consequences, and how to avoid it; amendments to federal legislation and its impact on First Nations and band offices; and why the CBABC’s ALF says the Indigenous Languages Act is a “hollow promise.” Read commentary on potential integration of the CRT with Provincial Court; stepping up our game on land acknowledgements; CBABC advocacy on gowning policies for pregnant lawyers; and the role, impact, and future of the discipline function of the Teacher’s Regulation Branch. Read about the first “openly autistic” lawyer; recent responses to climate change and how they relate to rule of law; and creative ways to dispose of your earthly remains (with plenty of puns).

— Brandon D. Hastings, BarTalk Chair



Margaret A. Mereigh
Should the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal Be Part of the BC Provincial Court?

By Margaret A. Mereigh

Adam Picotte
WCB Bullying and Harassment Claims

The high threshold for compensation

By Adam Picotte

Kerry L. Simmons, QC
Resetting Land Acknowledgments

By Kerry L. Simmons, QC

Cam Wardell
Is There Just Cause to Terminate My Employee?

The top 10 questions employers should ask

By Cam Wardell

Chaslynn Gillanders
Indigenous Matters
Recent Amendments to “Modernize” the Federal Employment Legislation

By Chaslynn Gillanders

Stefanie Quelch
Teachers Under the Microscope

By Stefanie Quelch

Frances Rosner
Indigenous Matters
Indigenous Mother Alleges Discrimination Against the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society

By Frances Rosner

Claire Pagé
The Continuum from Employee to Contractor

Independence is in the eye of the beholder

By Claire Pagé

David J. Bilinsky
Recognizing Different Strengths

Challenging us with a different mindset

By David J. Bilinsky

Dean A. Crawford, QC
When Employees Leave for a Competitor

From the immediate aftermath to trial

By Dean A. Crawford, QC

Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities
Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities

By David J. Bilinsky

Anita K. Atwal
Denial of Disability Benefits Does Not Mean an Employee is Fit to Return to Work

By Anita K. Atwal

Tony Wilson
Valar Morghulis

Shine on you crazy diamond

By Tony Wilson, QC

Lisa Picotte-Li
An Employee and a Machine at a Workplace

Considerations for the future of employment and labour law

By Lisa Picotte-Li

Sara Forte & Pamela Costanzo
Best Practices in Harassment Training for 2019

A call to arms

By Sara Forte & Pamela Costanzo

Lisa Southern & Jillian Humphreys
‘Dis’ Respecting the Workplace Investigation

Complaints about Investigation Process

By Lisa Southern & Jillian Humphreys

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