<h5>CBABC Responds to BC Budget 2021</h5>

CBABC Responds to BC Budget 2021

CBABC applauds the significant financial commitments made in BC Budget 2021 to support the evolution of a modernized justice system and meaningful change for Indigenous peoples.

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<h5>The Well-Being Hour</h5>

The Well-Being Hour

This new CBA series includes three one-hour on-demand conversations focused on the current challenges and overall well-being of lawyers and legal professionals. These programs are generously supported by Lawyers Financial and FREE for CBA Members!

<h5>Agenda for Justice 2021</h5>

Agenda for Justice 2021

More than 40 recommendations in 22 key areas address everyday situations affecting people in BC. Agenda for Justice offers concrete suggestions where the legal community and the BC Government can work collaboratively to move families and communities forward.