April 2023

Lawyers and Climate Change

Over the past two years, two resolutions put forward by concerned lawyers, both confirming the systemic and devastating impacts of climate change and urging the profession to engage with this...

Aleem Bharmal, KC

February 2023

The Innovative Legal Practice

It goes without saying that the present rate of technological change is breathtaking and only accelerating. The potential implications for the business of law are deep and wide-ranging. The...

Aleem Bharmal, KC

October 2022

An Inflection Point

As I assume the CBABC presidency for the 2022-23 term, a phrase that keeps recurring in my conversations with other lawyers and judges about the current state of our profession and the judiciary...

Aleem Bharmal, KC

June 2022

When Do We Need to Change?

This spring, I had the privilege of talking to lawyers across the province about the regulation of our profession, Harry Cayton’s recommendations for changes at the Law Society, and the...

Clare Jennings

April 2022

Defenders of the Rule of Law

As I write this column, the news is full of chaos. Recent events have led many to say that the rule of law is under attack around the world, and to feel helpless to do anything about it...

Clare Jennings

December 2021

Having the Difficult Conversations

I recently had the opportunity to watch the documentary “But I Look Like a Lawyer,” produced by the Federation of Asian-Canadian Lawyers (BC) Society. (If you haven’t seen it yet,...

Clare Jennings