August 2021

A Mediator’s Top 10 Tips for Counsel

Litigation is frequently resolved through mediation. Just as there are compelling advocates in court, so are there effective counsel in mediations. Here are ten suggestions to help you excel.1...

Bill Holder

June 2021


Three days before Black History Month, Mamadi Ill Fara Camara was pulled over by City of Montreal Police for allegedly using his cellphone while driving. During the stop, Mr. Camara witnessed...

Karlan S. Modeste

February 2021

Legal Coaching as an Alternative

Prior to the pandemic, courtrooms were filling up with self-represented litigants trying to navigate the complexities of our legal system — and although many court operations have been...

Jo-Anne Stark

December 2020

Coming Back from Cancer

Any life-changing illness is challenging for a lawyer’s practice. A serious diagnosis also has a huge psychological impact. A chronic illness, like diabetes, may be manageable and you will...

Michael Butterfield