Have Your Say: Consultation on Parentage Law Reform


February 2024

Spring 2024 marks the publication of BCLI’s Consultation Paper on Parentage: A Review of Part 3 of the Family Law Act. This consultation paper is a milestone in the project, funded by the Justice Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General for British Columbia.

BCLI’s Parentage Law Reform Project Committee has been examining part 3 of the Family Law Act, which determines who can become a parent in B.C. The committee’s tentative recommendations address topics such as:

  • Modernizing the act’s terms and definitions. For example, replacing gendered terms like “birth mother” with role specific terms like “the person who gave birth to the child.”
  • Capturing diverse family models. For example, by increasing the number of individuals who can be named parents, regardless of method of conception.
  • Increasing fairness to children and families. For example, by removing spousal and genetic requirements for posthumously conceived children.
  • Decreasing barriers and costs associated with family building. For example, by allowing sperm donation by sexual intercourse with a pre-conception agreement.

Everyone can access the consultation paper and make their views known on the committee’s tentative recommendations. Please check bcli.org, where copies of the consultation paper will be available for download.