Announcing the Latest Update to British Columbia Administrative Law Practice Manual


August 2021

At long last CLEBC has updated its British Columbia Administrative Law Practice Manual, with a varied roster of energetic and knowledgeable contributors from the Bench and Bar, all of whom have extensive experience in this specialized practice area.

There has been a “sea change” in administrative law post-Vavilov (2019) (SCC), so extensive that this is almost like a new publication. In the first half of the manual, CLEBC’s contributors canvassed admin law at the level of tribunal or other administrative law decision-maker in both the BC and federal jurisdictions; the second half is devoted to practice and jurisprudence in the BC Superior Courts and the Federal Courts on judicial reviews, stated cases, and appeals.

This publication also contains a chapter devoted to appeals from judicial review. Costs, remedies, and interlocutory practice are comprehensively addressed, as well as dealing with self-represented parties. A new collection of litigation documents based on fictitious fact patterns is offered with annotations to illustrate the principles discussed in the chapters.

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