Announcing updates to three popular CLEBC Deskbooks


December 2023

Family Law Deskbook

Essential for both new and seasoned family law practitioners, the Family Law Deskbook offers insights into firm organization, document preparation and client communication. Equipped with over 100 family law precedents, checklists and concise legal explanations, this tool ensures efficient file management and training of new staff.

Conveyancing Deskbook

The intricacies of land transfer in B.C. are simplified with the Conveyancing Deskbook. Providing a methodical guide for all transfer tasks, it includes checklists, over 70 forms and precedents and a glossary. Navigate the conveyancing process confidently, ensuring no step is overlooked.

Due Diligence Deskbook

For lawyers managing business acquisitions, the Due Diligence Deskbook is invaluable. Centred on B.C. practices, it details every search required, along with the why and how. It boasts over 45 search request templates and a comprehensive directory of contact information. Streamline your due diligence review and stay systematic with this deskbook.

Coming Soon: Financial Issues in Family Law (Winter 2023), Estate Disputes in British Columbia—2nd Edition (Spring 2023).

For more details, visit: CLEBC Publications