CLEBC Update - August 2016

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August 2016

CLEBC Webinar Archive
A repository of video or audio recordings from most of CLEBC’s past courses, CLEBC’s Webinar Archive provides easy access to the individual topics from hundreds of courses covering more than 30 practice areas. Each module contains many PowerPoint slides and provides access to downloadable course materials and handouts. More than 300 new modules are added each year!

Case Digest Connection
Timely, convenient, and easy to use, the Case Digest Connection (“CDC”) service provides digests of cases from the BC superior courts, selected Provincial Court decisions, and Supreme Court of Canada cases that originated in BC. In the CDC Archive, you can search or browse through all cases digested since January 1996. You also get access to our CDC Email Service, which provides the most recently digested cases electronically in a weekly or, in some practice areas, monthly issue.

Online Precedent Collection
Benefit from hundreds of CLEBC forms and precedents covering a broad range of practice areas. Find a form or precedent quickly and easily through keyword searching or browsing. Each form and precedent contains a short description to provide guidance on using the form or precedent and is easily downloadable and regularly updated.

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