CLEBC Update | December 2022


December 2022

CLEBC is pleased to announce its upcoming new addition to its publication library: Resolving Estates Disputes in British Columbia, to be released in early 2023

Resolving Estates Disputes in British Columbia is a comprehensive resource for lawyers and support staff who are new to estate litigation, or rely on updated discussion of the law and procedure in their established practices. This manual combines some of the practical features of CLEBC’s popular deskbooks (such as instructions on commencing claims, notice and service requirements, and procedural considerations) with the substantive legal discussion that is standard of CLEBC’s practice manuals.

To be updated annually, this manual highlights developments in the jurisprudence and amendments to legislation relevant to estates disputes. As a complimentary publication to British Columbia Probate and Estate Administration, this manual covers disputes related to proving a will, wills variation, curative proceedings, actions of fiduciaries (including attorneys, trustees, and personal representatives), and inter vivos trusts and transfers. It also addresses committeeship applications, contentious passing of accounts, and issues of spousal status, as well as evidence, alternative dispute resolution, and costs in the estates disputes context. The online edition of this manual will feature links to full-text cases and legislation.

Check out CLEBC’s website in 2023 for more details.