CLEBC Update | June 2020


June 2020

The COVID pandemic reminds us all that in uncertain times we must pull together and do what we can to help others. It is so inspiring to see the BC legal community work together to create new ways to support each other and the BC public in this crisis.

As it is for many of you, CLEBC closed our physical office and our staff is working remotely from their homes. Together we have developed many new processes to continue providing BC specific legal resources to the legal community. Disruption has forced us to develop some new and better ways to work — a silver lining!

How we deliver our legal resources to you has also changed. You may have noticed that our courses are currently online only, and many are targeted on practice issues related to the COVID pandemic. We expect that in this time of mandatory social distancing, our courses will continue to be offered online only for now. CLEBC continues to update our online practice manuals to keep you current. We have temporarily suspended shipping print manuals so you don’t need to keep track of shipments while working remotely. As the government relaxes the rules for returning to work, we will determine when we will start shipping our print manuals again.

Here’s to getting back to normal or discovering what the new normal will look like for all of us.

Linda W. Russell