CLEBC Welcomes Three New Board Members


December 2020

CLEBC is delighted to welcome three new CLEBC Board Directors this year, Laurel M. Courtenay, Melanie J. Mortensen, and Brent Olthuis.

Laurel has practised as a barrister and solicitor in the field of administrative law for 25 years. She is currently legal counsel in the Legal Services Branch (“LSB”) of the Ministry of Attorney General where she practises employment law and teaches administrative law fundamentals to statutory decision-makers.

Melanie is the Law Society of BC (“LSBC”)/CBA appointee representing Victoria County. She is the Legislative Counsel & Designated Deputy Chief Legislative Counsel for Members’ Drafting in the Office of Legislative Counsel with the Ministry of Attorney General.

Brent is the LSBC/CBA appointee representing Vancouver County. Brent has a broad practice in the areas of civil, commercial, administrative, and constitutional law with the firm Hunter Litigation Chambers in Vancouver. 

CLEBC thank Laurel, Melanie, and Brent for their interest in supporting CLEBC and look forward to benefiting from their experience and new perspectives. You can read more about CLEBC’s Board of Directors here.