CLEBC is Pleased to Announce the Upcoming Release of the 3rd Edition of Financial Issues in Family Law


October 2023

Last published in 2009, this new edition continues to guide family lawyers through complex issues surrounding characterization, financial disclosure, valuation, methods of division, tax consequences and determination of Child Support Guideline income when dealing with business and trust interests as family property.

The 3rd edition of Financial Issues in Family Law incorporates developments in law and practice up to approximately June 15, 2023, with all new content reflecting the introduction of the Family Law Act and updates to the Supreme Court Civil Rules and Supreme Court Family Rules since the previous edition.

This book also includes both new and extended discussions of discretionary and contingent trust interests as family property, financial statement analysis, valuation dates, special shares, valuing a book of business, split pension amounts, non-arms-length payments, working capital and imputed income. Alongside the legal discussion, this book features a collection of checklists, sample financial statements, retainer and engagement letters, valuation reports for a sample retail company, holding company and sole proprietorship.

Financial Issues in Family Law will be available this December.