Bridging Gaps & Smashing Barriers


October 2023

Access to justice hinges on equitable access to legal information. Funded in large part by the Law Foundation of BC, Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC) maintains a dual mandate to lawyers and the public. We strive to eliminate barriers to legal resources for both groups.

CLBC’s Clicklaw platform is the lynchpin in our public-facing efforts. It’s a comprehensive directory of verified public legal resources from various bona fide providers. The website helps demystify law and direct users to community-based support through its HelpMap feature. It’s an essential tool for anyone you encounter who needs guidance but can’t be your client. At the very least you can point them to

For you, the lawyers, CLBC offers many services designed to improve practice efficiency and make the business of law more affordable. We provide free access to law databases, free document delivery, no-cost CPD training and generous legal reference support. Soon we will offer free access to CSO E-Search too at our public access computers. Our Family Law Unbundling Toolkit is for lawyers who want to offer further affordability to clients that cannot manage the costs of full representation.

With 30 branches, CLBC tackles geographical barriers too, ensuring people across B.C. can access essential legal resources. Our LawMatters program extends our reach even further by training public librarians and supporting collection development in legal topics, thereby raising legal literacy in communities large and small.

In essence, CLBC is more than a service to lawyers interested in access to justice; we’re a committed partner. We encourage all legal practitioners to explore our resources at and