Canadian Commentary On Climate Change Law


December 2020

Climate change law is a topic so swiftly expanding in scope it is nearly impossible to confine within traditional classification schemes used by libraries or legal publishers. It is, to put it mildly, a cross-disciplinary field of interest. Or to put it more colorfully, a fiercely verdant hybrid of seemingly incompatible practice areas: from carbon finance, to corporate governance, to public health, to Indigenous rights, to international treaty law, to refugee law, etc.

While legal commentary on climate change law is diverse, a worthwhile place to start contextualizing the topic is to focus by jurisdiction. In Canada, we are lucky to have which includes a nicely expanding database of free commentary, from the newsletters, magazines, and papers cataloged by CanLII Docs, to the more informal case commentaries and summaries contained in CanLII Connects. A good example of the latter is the piece by Omar Ha-Redeye titled “Climate Change Law as a Sui Generis Area of Policy and Law,” where he canvasses ways for developing an area of climate change law. For journal publications on climate change and its intersection with law, we also recommend searching our HeinOnline database, something that lawyers can access from the comfort of their home offices through Courthouse Libraries BC’s Remote Access to Subscription Databases service (visit to learn more under “How We Can Help”).