Education Law Readings

Education law is complex and wide-ranging. It requires extensive awareness of how boards, parents, teachers and students (not to mention donors, religious bodies, real estate developers, and even law societies) align under a unique body of common law, Charter cases, and a tangle of legislation.

December 2018

Did you know 89 separate BC acts and 101 provincial regulations make reference to eight in-force, education-specific laws in BC. Curious? See here:

Such complexity makes commentary on education law a critical wayfinding aid. CLBC offers in-library digital and print access to important legal encyclopedias. Quicklaw’s Halsbury’s Laws of Canada spans seven main headings under its title “Education”: right to education; compulsory attendance; rights of pupils in schools; equality of education rights; First Nations children; conduct and discipline; and post-secondary education. The Canadian Encyclopedic Digest has BC-specific subheadings within its title “Education (Western)” and covers 13 headings: introduction, constitutional jurisdiction, Ministry of Education; public schools; separate schools; charter schools; liability of boards, administrators and teachers; students; teachers; parents; special education programs; minority language education; and colleges and universities. Law Society of BC members can also access Education Law in Canada: A Guide for Teachers and Administrators using the Remote Access Subscription Database, and read it online anytime, anywhere.