Tips from Courthouse Libraries BC | June 2019

Frontiers of Employment Law

June 2019

What a difference a year can make. The norms of yesterday, those in major treatises on labour relations, employment law or workers compensation law – classified from KN190 to KN198 in CLBC’s collection – are constantly being upended especially as they relate to cannabis or social media use. It is na├»ve to expect publishers can keep up, even if treatises were updated annually.

That said, the 2018 edition of Social Media and Privacy Law for Employers: Hiring, Firing and Managing Reputation, covers questions that would boggle most employment lawyers half a generation ago. If you cannot find a print resource, some online resources have popped up to offer coverage where change happens swiftly. One fascinating site is

It’s entirely possible (depending on your workplace), that this site would have been blacklisted within your networked environment. It is, however, an official Thomson Reuters website that publishes cannabis-related HR and workplace safety updates from the legal lens.