Supporting Innovative Legal Research and Legal Scholars


August 2022

Scientifc advances, with developments in information and computer technology, often raise new questions for legal scholars, creating challenges for the administration of justice. The Law Foundation supports scholars
researching some of those emerging questions through its annual Legal Research Fund Program and
Graduate Fellowship Program
. The Legal Research Fund supports projects focusing on research likely to
have a practical impact in improving access. Graduate Fellowships are awarded to graduate students in law
or a law-related area whose research aligns with the Foundation’s goals of improving access to justice.

Through these programs, the Foundation is pleased to be able to support some of the innovative work at the intersection of science, technology, and the law currently underway in British Columbia. A recent example of this is the Graduate Fellowship awarded to LLM Candidate Kate Gower in 2021 — the Fellowship was to support her graduate research at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law. Her work examines how innovative technologies can be employed to improve access to justice within the emerging justice system’s digital and online environments while still preserving the integrity of those legal processes.

The Foundation will be accepting applications to the Legal Research Fund between July 27-September 2. The call for applications for 2023-2024 Graduate Fellowships opens in November 2022.