The Law Foundation Shares Renewed Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan


October 2023

For 54 years, the Law Foundation has worked hard to fulfill its legislative purposes; funding legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform and law libraries in British Columbia.

In late 2022, the Foundation adopted new mission vision and mission statements to better reflect the ways in which it is approaching its mandated work as a justice sector funder:

Vision: A future where systems of law and justice support all people to live and thrive in dignity.

Mission: Through funding, collaborative relationships and shared learning, we invest in work that empowers people and strengthens communities.

These statements capture the impetus behind much of the work the Foundation has been doing over the last several years. It is also a starting point for a more relational, flexible and reciprocal way of working in community to help the Foundation deliver on its legislative mandate. The reference to “systems” as a plural is deliberate — to reflect that both the Canadian and multiple Indigenous systems of law are in operation in B.C.

The Foundation’s strategic plan sets out the broad areas of activity that we will focus on in order to deliver on our mandate over the coming five years. We will work to promote access to justice: by supporting networked, effective and accessible legal and advocacy services; by supporting work that lifts up Indigenous justice revitalization and justice system transformation; by supporting work that strengthens systemic inclusion in access to justice, and; through support for justice initiatives, legal education, research and law library services that meet current and emerging needs.