SOGIC (Now SAGDA) Update


October 2023

SOGIC (Now SAGDA) Update

By Lee Nevens (they/them), First Vice President, CBABC

Having wrapped up my fifth and final year co-chairing SOGIC (now SAGDA), I can look back and see the rollercoaster those few years have been for trans, non-binary and gender diverse inclusion. The first few years saw a rapid increase in visibility and explicit inclusion, long overdue steps in the right direction. For a fleeting moment, I nearly felt safe — at least in my professional life.

However, the last two years have undermined that. The reckless endorsement of misinformation, ridicule, hate and violence targeting trans people by public figures has emboldened and encouraged people to express and target their aggression at people like me. That hate is now amplified in policies, legislation and mainstream news.

It’s no surprise that when the floodgates of hate opened, the wave hit trans people first. It’s easiest to demonize those who are least understood and have little power. But we’re just the vanguard. Fortunately, during those earlier years, positive change demonstrated that most people are caring, loving and inclusive. We need to harness that now to beat back this wave of hate before it spreads any farther. Love always wins, but only if we never stop fighting for it.

SAGDA: New name, new mandate!

Our SOGIC Section is now called the Sexual and Gender Diversity Alliance Section (SAGDA). SAGDA aims to address the needs of CBABC members with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics. This includes members who are two-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and aromantic.

On September 19, SAGDA kicked off its term with a conversation about gender identity and expression, and sex-based discrimination complaints under the BC Human Rights Code. barbara findlay, KC discussed the current wave of transphobia and the available legal remedies. For more information or upcoming events, visit the SAGDA Section page (