SOGIC Invites You to Join Your Local Pride Celebration


June 2023

SOGIC SPOTLIGHT — by Sarah McCalla (she/her), CBABC SOGIC Co-Chair

We celebrate Pride to recognize and honour the many people who have worked and are working tirelessly, and often at great personal expense, to strengthen our 2SLGBTQ+ community and to claim the rights and freedoms that we were historically denied. We also celebrate Pride to recognize that the work is not done. Our community, and our trans community in particular, is increasingly facing barriers, violence, exclusion and hate (see e.g. your favourite news source or the Report of the Inquiry into hate in the COVID-19 pandemic). During Pride, we come together and collectively raise our voices against discrimination in its many forms. We hope you will join us!

This year, SOGIC will be participating in the Vancouver Pride Parade on August 6. We also plan to participate in the Victoria Pride Parade on July 9, and in the Kamloops Pride Parade on August 27.  More information on how to join us, and Pride-related resources, will be circulated closer to those dates.

You can also celebrate Pride by taking opportunities to make your practice more inclusive, including by using gender-inclusive language (Practice Resource on Inclusive Language) and sharing your pronouns in and out of court (Pronouns in Court Toolkit).