Lawyers and Mental Health

Lawyers and Mental Health

By Bill Veenstra
Healthy Heart Programs

Healthy Heart Programs

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This month we feature a wide variety of health and health law related articles that give a snapshot of some of the pressing issues in BC health law today. From the regulation of what we eat – should sugar be classed as a drug? – to implications of involuntary treatment under the Mental Health Act, to limitations on the right to die by assisted suicide, read on to learn more about how various health laws and regulatory regimes impact our lives.



Bill Veenstra
Lawyers and Mental Health

Building understanding and reducing stigma

by Bill Veenstra

Jay Aubrey
Assisted Dying
from Carter to Lamb

The fight continues for choice in suffering

by Jay Aubrey

Caroline Nevin
What Makes for a
Healthy Organization?

Some tips for
optimal outcomes

by Caroline Nevin

Kyong-ae Kim
Changes in Profession Regulation

Lessons for the legal profession?

by Kyong-ae Kim

David J. Bilinsky
Healthy Heart Programs

Cardiac rehabilitation with heart

by David J. Bilinsky

Andrea Donaldson
Mental Injuries

The Mustapha Framework

by Andrea Donaldson

Tech Tips
What healthy heart programs exist in the province?

by David J. Bilinksy

Brandon Hastings
I Want Candy

The case against fructose

by Brandon Hastings

Tony Wilson

Voice recognition software is the best thing since sliced bread

by Tony Wilson, QC

Tonie Beharrell and Jessica Derynck
Implications of the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act

Possible issues
and challenges

by Tonie Beharrell
and Jessica Derynck

Melissa Louie
Indigenous Matters
Advancing the Journey
of Reconciliation

Through Bill C-262

by Melissa Louie

Kelsey Rose
Compulsory Psychiatric Treatment in the MHA

When is it legitimate?

by Kelsey Rose

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