The Law Society of British Columbia

(604) 669-2533 ∙ 1-800-903-5300
F: (604) 669-5232

845 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9

The Law Society is the governing body for the legal profession in BC. It is a statutory society, first created in 1884, with voluntary association roots going back to 1869.

Management Board
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director: Timothy E. McGee, QC
(604) 669-2533

Director, Lawyers Insurance Fund: Susan Forbes, QC
(604) 443-5760

Tribunal and Legislative Counsel:Jeff Hoskins, QCM
(604) 443-5720

Chief Legal Officer:Deborah Armour
(604) 443-5714

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Trust Regulation:Jeanette McPhee
(604) 443-5712

Director, Education and Practice: Alan Treleaven
(604) 605-5354

Chief Information and Planning Officer: Adam Whitcombe
(604) 443-5767

Ethics And Practice Assistance
Practice Management Advisor:Dave Bilinsky
(604) 605-5331

Conduct and Ethics Advisor:Barbara Buchanan
(604) 697-5816

Ethics Advisors:
Lenore Rowntree- (604) 697-5811
Warren Wilson, QC- (604) 697-5857

Lawyers Insurance Fund
Claims reports / General information
(604) 682-8911 F: (604) 682-5842
Insured lawyers are reminded that they must report to the Lawyers Insurance Fund promptly, in writing, upon becoming aware of an error or circumstance that could reasonably be expected to be the basis of a claim, however unmeritorious. Claims Counsel are also available to answer telephone enquiries.