Update on proposed model for the single regulator

  • March 19, 2024

On March 18, the Ministry of the Attorney General released a public update on the proposed model for the single regulator, which considers input from CBABC and other organizations.

The government’s proposal outlines a regulatory board of 17 directors, including a majority of lawyers (nine), three government appointees, a minimum of two Indigenous members, and no seat for the Attorney General. The update also reveals the Ministry’s plans to create an Indigenous Council as part of the governance structure. CBABC supports efforts to advance reconciliation, but notes that this would be the first professional body to have an Indigenous Council in the governance structure. 

CBABC appreciates more information about the proposed legislation, but much remains unclear. The update arrives late in the process, if the legislation is supposed to be introduced and passed before May 16.

Our goal is to help lawyers across the province deepen their understanding of these proposals and relay their views and concerns in our discussions with government. CBABC is engaging with the profession to collect feedback on the proposed legal professions regulatory reform.

CBABC advocacy history regarding the single regulator proposal:

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