CBABC proudly offers a diverse and inclusive range of mentorship programs to help lawyers and students find the support and guidance they need.

*New*  Early Career Lawyers
Our newest offering, Career Starters Mentorship, is an inclusive mentorship program for articling students and early career lawyers (less than ten years of call). We recommend mentors are at least five years of call. Learn more.

Women Lawyers
Lawyers or articled students who identify as women enjoy mentorship from experienced women lawyers through the Women Lawyers Forum Mentorship Program. Enrollment in WLF is required. Learn more.

Law Students
First year students at all three BC law schools benefit from our Law School Mentorship Program, paired with lawyers based on area of practice, self-identity, location and more. We recommend mentors have at least three years of call. Learn more.

In-house Counsel
The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association Mentoring Program provides critical, hands-on advice to in-house lawyers who are seeking the insights and guidance of more experienced corporate counsel. Learn more.