WLF Mentoring Program

The objective of the Mentoring Program is to facilitate mentoring relationships for women in the legal profession and is a significant way for women lawyers to support other women continuing and flourishing in the practice of law.

Any woman lawyer or articling student in British Columbia who is a CBA and WLF member may participate in the Mentoring Program. The program is also available to any woman lawyer who has started or completed the NCA process and is a CBA and WLF member. Mentors may be practicing, non-practicing or retired members of the Law Society of BC.

There is no minimum number of years of call to be a Mentor, but we suggest that women lawyers with at least 6 years of practice apply to be Mentors, as experience has shown that this best meets the expectations of both parties.

Mentoring pairs are encouraged to meet once a month for at least one hour, either in person or over the phone. The mentoring partnership will last formally for a period of one year, although the parties may continue their mentoring relationship beyond one year if they choose to do so.

Benefits of participating as a Mentor include:

  • Developing better leadership, management and communication skills
  • Learning about attitudes, interests and values of other lawyers
  • Participating in shared learning
  • Gaining personal support from the Mentee
  • Leaving a legacy by giving back to the profession and helping to ensure that increasing numbers of women lawyers continue to practice law
  • Having fun!

Join a great group of other supportive and interesting women who are giving back to and involved in our profession.

For more information, please contact Dana Turner-Ryan or Melissa Vanderhouwen


Mentoring Application Guidelines

Mentoring Relationship Guidelines

2021/2022 Mentoring Agreement