WLF Mentorship Program

Welcome to the CBABC WLF Mentorship Program!

The 2023 program is underway. Check back in September to find out how to apply for the 2024 program.

The Women Lawyers Forum believes that one of the best ways to support women in the practice of law and ensure their continued and successful participation in the legal profession is through mentoring.

We recognize that many women do not get the opportunity to be mentored during their professional career. There are many reasons for this including the following:

  • they live in smaller communities where senior lawyers are not available or they prefer someone outside of their immediate community;
  • there is no one in their workplace available to mentor or they would prefer to be mentored by someone who does not work with them; or,
  • although there are male mentors available, they prefer to be mentored by another woman, who can identify with the challenges that women lawyers face in practicing law.

The goal of the WLF Mentorship Program aims to facilitate mentoring relationships for women in the legal profession and is a significant way for women lawyers to support other women continuing and flourishing in the practice of law.

Join a great group of other supportive and interesting women who are giving back to and involved in our profession.

Being a CBABC member as well as a WLF member is required to participate in the WLF Mentorship Program. Join the Women Lawyers Forum here!