Virtual Courts Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance for lawyers who are appearing in court virtually.


At the request of the Court Services Branch, CBABC makes available to members an updated list of the MS Teams courtroom links for the Supreme Court and Provincial Court. Please note CBABC does not manage these links and will direct members to contact the Court Services Branch with any questions.

Courtroom Links (login required)

Counsel should make a note of the MS Teams links for each courtroom as indicated in the most up-to-date document. The links to courtrooms may change and CBABC will notify members of updates when they become available. While the courtroom links may change, the link to this list will stay the same. We encourage you to save this link in your browser and regularly check for updates.

The Court Services Branch asks that these links not be provided to your clients or members of the public.

Best Practices Guides

MS Teams in Court Proceedings

These guides are prepared for lawyers using MS Teams during a court hearing. (July 2020)

Desktop or Laptop        Telephone

This guide includes best practices for both video and audio conferences, including reminders of basic court etiquette, working with electronic papers, and more. (July 2020)

This guide outlines best practices in working with Zoom, adapting to the online courtroom, and relevant security issues. (July 2020)


During a CBABC webinar, Chief Judge Melissa Gillepsie, Associate Chief Judge Susan Wishart, Legal Officer Karen Leung, Executive Director of Operations Ryan Mahar, and Judicial Case Manager Longine Chung worked with CBABC to answer questions about Teams proceedings and other aspects of the Court’s response to COVID-19. (June 2020) Q&A Transcript