2024 Program

Welcome to BC Legal Conference Wills, Estates & Trusts  Law 2024!

Join seasoned experts as they explore critical topics such as such as managing inter vivos trusts, advanced tax issues, key case law developments and more.

The conference takes place at the Manteo at Eldorado Resort in Kelowna from May 3-5.


Conference Planning Committee

Tara Britnell, KC | Hamilton Duncan Law Corporation

Jaimie Kidston | Jaimie Kidston Law Office

Amy Mortimore, KC | Clark Wilson LLP

Jacy Wingson, KC | McQuarrie Hunter LLP

Advanced Tax Issues in Estates and Trusts
Stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest developments in advanced tax issues. Deliberate on new techniques, regulatory updates, and strategic approaches to optimize tax outcomes for your clients.

Antidote to FOMO: Year-in-Review
Are you up to date on the latest developments in wills & estates? In this session, our presenter analyzes the latest case law developments to bring you up to speed!

Community Resources Panel
A panel of local community organizations highlight the range of support services they provide to your clients, along with tips on how you can help your clients identify the resources they need and work with together.

Cutting Edge: Equity and Beyond
In this session, our presenters will push the boundaries beyond current practice trends to identify outside the box solutions for your clients.

Cyberfraud & Indemnity Claims: Lessons Learned & Best Practices
In this session, a representative from the Lawyers Indemnity Fund reveals lessons learned from actual LIF wills & estates claim files and shares tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Learn what you need to know about your indemnity policy and how to watch for the latest cybercrimes targeting lawyers today.

Estates and Trusts Trivia Showdown (Dinner Activity)
Delve into obscure cases, historical precedents and nuanced legal concepts while enjoying the team spirit among your colleagues. Plus, you can win a prize!

Tricks and Traps for Managing Inter Vivos Trusts
Experienced lawyers share their knowledge and practice strategies for working with living trusts. Learn the tricks to preparing and challenging inter vivos trusts to help your clients reach their estate planning goals.

Wills and Trusts Practice: Roundtable
During this workshop, speakers and attendees will work through various fact patterns to share insights, exchange ideas and identify possible courses of action to navigate common (and often complex) wills and trusts practice issues.

Order of presentations may be subject to change.