Copyright and Tattoos

Whether you appreciate them or not, most people would agree tattooing is an art form. Original artistic works, such as paintings, engravings and drawings, are protected under the Canadian Copyright...

Scott Foster

Lawyers on the Old Screens

For over a century, lawyers have appeared in both the movies and on television. Audiences have been captivated by the administration of justice, the prosecution of crime and the legal profession as...

W. Laurence Scott, KC

Acting on a Theatre Board

A key part of any theatre is its board of directors. However, many audiences are unfamiliar with who the board is and what the role of a board member entails.A board of directors for a theatre is...

Chloe Sauder

An Accidental Artist

If I had my way, I’d be a writer. Not to say that being a lawyer is bad (in fact, I quite enjoy it), it’s just I’m a masochist.I’ve tried to get published on many occasions,...

Darren Kozol

Intersections of Law and Theatre

Law and theatre have intertwined through the ages. In the European legal tradition, elements of ritual and storytelling have played similar functions in both juridical processes and entertainment...

Sharon Sutherland

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